Sensor wheel keyboard Hyundai and new accent led lights

HyundaiHyundai has registered the patent for the technology of sensor wheel keyboard.

The sensor wheel from Hyundai accent is intended for people who experience some trouble using the common buttons as Hyundai Accent led lights. So far, it is planned to equip the steering wheel not only with buttons, but also with the touch screen. According to the Hyundai engineers, their sensors will be able to identify the driver’s pressing even if he/she wears gloves.

This patent was registered in the USA, while in South Korea a similar procedure was performed 2 years ago. Besides, such technologies already exist in the production cars, such as Hyundai accent, Mercedes-Benz of the “E” class and hybrid cars of Toyota Prius. These cars have sensor keyboard for the thumbs, which allows the driver to scroll through the board computer menu and switch between the radio stations without taking his/her hands off the steering wheel or making any efforts.