How to mount your HID LED ballasts Chevy Cruze led headlights

Okay guys last thing but I want to show you. The Huskies me sorry it’s on it’s on a second video it wouldn’t let me continue the first one. But dad with the off 7. LED ballast chevy cruze headlights. Where I chose the mount them. My Chevy Cruze Minded 2014. I have a little extra space here for the battery. If it looks like you would hold a bigger battery so I took advantage. Of that space. And I found. That there was an edge of perfect. It’s got 3 holds 123. And I took my. I bracket thereafter right over the top. But this screw you know second through that second hole this one. It. Just perfect. It’s nice and tight can have no vibration no bouncing around my head bombs. That’s right 2 of them out there on the driver’s side. Passenger side is a different story. And I can’t tell you the. I recommend this.

Chevy Cruze led headlightsBut where I choose to mounted. This right here. Right back behind these hoses here and I I was thinking about my decision for a minute and I I decided to go ahead and do it the area will get a little bit hot but what engine based out and what area. So one of my biggest things was not putting it behind a fan. And it’s not behind a fan. And plus. Is a factory drilled a hole. Just Chillin right there so I was like why not I go I went ahead and put it behind these hoses. Traveled a little better I guess.

This is your AC hose by the way and this one. I believe is also a cruze adversity condenser pledges bend the top of this stuck underneath my plastic right here and I just put the boat right through kind enough. Then when you do that. You would have your wires running from there. See here where you’re bald is you obviously have your serpentine belt spinning right here that I actually did hit the wires on the serpentine belt so I’d like you know let’s go ahead and zip tie this. I put the wires behind these hoses. So they were in front of them that they had no chance of getting over there as zip tied to this one today AC nose to nose in it called but that’s okay thousands of tied this wiring just to make it a little more secure. And my it’s LED kit Chevy Cruze led headlights. Is fully installed. And I’ll show you real quick what looks like. Very soon we got a lot of sun over here. But this is a black Chevy careers got the 8000 K HID isn’t it They are like 9000 times brighter than a regular lightbulb. I really 9000 but. Yeah they are brighter. You can definitely tell.

Yeah I think it looks great. I Chevy. I had the halo HID kit on my. You can see this one is too much sunlight. I had the halo HID kit. On my Chevy Silverado now is pretty cool too but that HID can give me a lot of problems that wasn’t the up 7 that. I just show you how to install. But That’s pretty much it. Toby enjoyed the video and. Describe. And. You have any requests you wanna know how to install the JDK on a separate vehicle. Actually that’s pretty simple it’s the same procedure in any vehicle just like this one.

They could be 89. Vehicle all the way through Cruze 2014. But with this vehicle. It’s a little different because they had that harness that goes between the original. The original factory. Cruze Headlight bulb connector. To the ballast. But. This one. Anywhere anyway the other cars they do not have that harness. So I it would connect right from the headlight bulb. Straight to the ballast. So. That’s pretty much it easy stuff. Comment you got any questions. I’ll try to put a link to the kit that I ordered. In the description it’s from eBay 35 Bucks took 2 days to get here so I am not complaining. And I already on a Sunday so. Pretty good. So current any questions let me know.